Sounds from the Underground

by Urban Soil

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released March 12, 2016



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Urban Soil Raleigh, North Carolina

Urban Soil is a collaborative creative effort, sprouting from the streets of downtown Raleigh. This collective is focused on creating the best possible original music. The combination of all out, electrified, jam band inspired musical explorations and the more Americana, acoustic flavors makes Urban Soil truly unique. ... more

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Track Name: Brother Bee
Our brothers the bees up high in the trees, pollinate the flower of life it brings, all the things we see we touch we taste we smell, most definitely if you cannot see you have my heart completely, most of the time I’m feelin’ but someday/ *And this is love, the reality of, this is love, and life it’s oh so nice*/ Roots torn withered and wrapped, tangled from the time elapse, stories told by the young and the old but some we seem to forget, if you count the rings of an old oak tree, you can tell when the sun gave life to the seed, oh yea/ **/ Sometimes we see sometimes we change, sometimes we try to look the other way, but day to day we learn we love we see we breathe, If you and me stick together we could make a change that will last forever, and sit and tell our story of the front porch when we’re old/**.
Track Name: Alive
I found myself in the hills of Carolina, I had the drive and the want to inspire, so I plant my seeds, the seeds of my desires and I’ll let them grow right in the ground/ With the mountains high and the valleys low it’s the perfect place to rest my old soul, when the sunlight goes and the starlight shows, it’s the best damn place that I know/ *Planting the seeds of sound, dancing around in the underground, what life brings, brings around. The beauty of this life you’ll find changes through the sands of time, embrace this moment now cause we’re alive*/ You can take your friends down to the sea, the ocean’s shore is the earth beginning, you can rest your mind and in a little time, you will get what you’ve been trying to find/ The morning dew will take your breathe, hanging high up on the mountain’s crest, sing yourself a little song, cause the music will never do you wrong/ **.
Track Name: In Tune with the Moon
Watch the waves as they rock and they cradle, my soul to sleep with her rhythm mother nature, ripples reflect and the tides comin soon, We’re in tune with the moon x2/ And the realization through your deep meditation brings to mind another time of regeneration, just like the blossom we’re in new bloom, We’re in tune with the moon x2/ Be here NOW! Let your booty drop, feel the beat of the sound, as we move around on the ground, what our ears consume, We’re in tune with the moon/Woah…
Track Name: Never Enuff
You think you've got it, you've got the stuff
We'' I got news baby, it ain't enough

I've seen it all before me, seen it out on the plate
But it don't matter baby, it ain't never enuff

You think you've made it, you're at the top
Before you realize it you can't stop
Track Name: Urban Swing
I had a drink about an hour ago, up all night dancing at the show, one look into your eyes, I said hey there baby wanna dance tonight/ Oh with me/ And we’re out all night late, I said hey there baby wanna be my date? Cause tonight darlin’ you look so fine, I said hey there baby will you be mine/ Oh right now/ Had a toke about an hour ago, and we’re hangin’ out and we’re feeling low, low yea…
Track Name: Equality of Light and Dark
Oh and it’s raining, but I aint complaining, the suns been shinning for days on end, it’s got all the flowers starting to wilt and bend, with a dark day comes a foggy haze, my mind slippin back to the past and remembering what’s set to blaze, it wasn’t all meant to last and it all didn’t grow from a tree naturally, so I will sit back and embrace the rain today/ Just like the day turns into night, life cannot always be filled with light, time and time again its happening, blurring the lines of what has happened and when/ Spring has sprung and the sun is shining, we’ve gotta move on before our visions blinded, we’ve got a lot that we want to share, oh we just gotta make sure we get it out there/ Seasons change, and so does my mind, I’ve always found myself just staring at the time, and I know one day everything will be fine, so I take a deep breath and I let out a sigh/ Just like the dark turns into light, you’ve gotta have to sides for an even fight, if you take a step it’ll all be alright, you and me darlin’ oh we’ll be fine.
Track Name: Gotta Go
Runnin' moonshine 'cross the Alabama line
Like my daddy before me I'm bound to do some time
Gotta feed my kids, gotta pay them bills
Oh honey grab the keys cause the sheriff's on our heels

Oh, said now we gotta go
Oh, no time to pack our bags
Oh, said now we gotta go
Oh, said now don't look back, don't look back

Thought that liquor store, would be an easy hit
Didn't mean to shoot that man, now I'm in a fix
And I'm headed south, down to Mexico
Fat lawman and his badge can't catch us no...
Track Name: You Know
As we wobble down the street and we womp to the beat like this way, like this way, on the earth on the ground in the tree in sea let it be, like this way, take my hand let me show you the way through the alley down the street feel the beat like this way, move real slow/ With the hands that heal, like the skin of the fruit it peels, the music and the dance you feel, darlin’ this love is real/* I feel like something is inside my head, woah and I’ve got to let it go, it happens to the best of us, You know x2*.