Dig Deeper

by Urban Soil

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released August 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Urban Soil Raleigh, North Carolina

Urban Soil is a collaborative creative effort, sprouting from the streets of downtown Raleigh. This collective is focused on creating the best possible original music. The combination of all out, electrified, jam band inspired musical explorations and the more Americana, acoustic flavors makes Urban Soil truly unique. ... more


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Track Name: The One Who Lost the Love
He was a man of uncertain means
Knew that one day, his ship would run aground
He got up every day, worked his fingers to the bone
And everybody knows, that's the way to lose the love

She was a girl who loved this man
Knew that one day, he'd surely let her down
She got up everyday did the best that she can
And everybody knows that's the way to lose the love

This is the tale of two loves
Knew that one day, they'd surely work it out
They got up every day, did the best that they can
And everybody knows that's the way to keep the love
Track Name: Cultures Collide
When cultures collide, we can see eye to eye
In the calm of the storm, in the great ocean's tide

When great minds align
We could share what's divine,
Could we let our quarrels go
And let our love intertwine

If we shared the same world, together as community
Explore the unknown, to discover the beauty

What lies behind each soul's eye
No matter the race, color, background or style
A want to succeed
With a need to smile

All the while, we disagree
Try to separate, and control thee

But why can't we see
Eye to eye
Could we open up our minds
And let cultures collide
Track Name: Dig Deeper
Yeah well what mama told me, wasn't quite clear
She said come sit down, little dear
Oh, and it wasn't until a few more years
That I could start to comprehend what brought her to tears

Brother Bear walked in, yeah, with a slight smirk just above his chin
And then he told me, then he told me little sister
You better hold yourself up strong so the man don't get ya'

Dig Deeper, little girl
There's only one way you're bound to change the world
Dig Deeper, now child
Yeah, sooner or later you're bound to reach another mile

Oh and Grandma, bless her soul
She told me there's only one way you're gonna reach your goal
Stick out your hands your arms your legs and your feet
Oh, like limbs of a tree to the sky you must reach

Dig Deeper, let it flow
You gotta know yourself, feel it in your soul
Dig Deeper, roots run deep
Yeah, ignite the fire that burns inside ya
Leads your brain to speak
Track Name: Mr. Coconuts
I'm not young enough to know everything
But if it moves too slow I've got to turn up the speed, well
Every every once in a while well I catch a glimpse of
Something happening here and I'm speechless

Building walls that separate between fiction and reality
Building in myself, oh lord I'm starting to feel dizzy
I need to catch my breath I think I'll use a net
And break it down, a little something like this

You've gotta crack the shell before you get inside
I learned a long time ago that its not just black and white, but
Little subtle shades of you just peeking from within
Oh lord don't abandon me ya gotta keep me from sin
Right about now you're quite confused about the meaning to this song
I can assure you this, you're goin' about it wrong, beacause
Means something different to everyone around
When you finally cross that bridge, light a match and burn it down!
Track Name: Answer Man
Wrap tight the night like a halo around you
See all the colors that form in the dark
Check out the stars as they shine above you
Hoping and calling for a brand new start

Take in the black that's all around you
No sight for things to cause you harm
Night time it comes, secures you tightly
Morning it comes to wake the answer man

Here comes the answer man
Answer man's gonna get you
Track Name: Natural
Each time I get close to you, my light begins to shine through
You bring out the best in me, and the stars align so perfectly
No I could stay here awhile, goin' on with a childlike smile
Set in a cosmic amber state, moving at an ever maddening rate
An ever maddening rate

Natural is our little universe
Your voice is the, it's the perfect verse
It all comes, comes so easily
The orbit of your hips is pure, is pure energy

Your eyes shine like the stars in the sky
And everything just seems so right
There's nothing I wouldn't do, to lay in the grass with you
No I could stay here awhile, goin' on with a childlike smile
Set in a cosmic amber state, moving at an ever maddening rate
An ever maddening rate
Track Name: Clown Glass
Hey, how do you feel?
Oh baby I gotta know the deal
Hey how do you feel
Oh baby, don't you know this thing's for real?

Hey, can you believe
Oh baby, I got somethin' up my sleeve
Hey, can you believe
Oh baby, I gotta get up and leave

Oh its light as a feather,
Baby baby how is the weather
Soft as silk, on your skin
Baby baby where have been

Hey, how does it feel
Whoa baby I gotta know the deal
Hey, how does it feel
Oh baby, don't you know this thing's for real?
Track Name: Way Back Home
Walking down this winding road, miss your company
You told me that you had to go, wish you were here with me

Where I'm going I've got to go alone
Still I've got to find my way back homed

Sorry for the things I've done, you'll find someone new
Its hard to say goodbye sometimes, got to make it through

Looking for a brand new way, that will ease my mind
Another chance one day away, we'll do it right this time
Track Name: Mountain Song
Oh listen I'll tell you, what I have found
'Cross the Blue ridge mountains travelin' town to town
Riding down the county line into Tennessee
Blue skies and tall pines were all that I could see

Appalachian sun rise